Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Marinas and growths

There is also something in the water at Trinity Marina. I noticed it when we were looking at the place when we brought the boat in. I don't know if other marinas have this but all the boats moored there have some sort of algae or plant growth on the hull below the waterline. Lisa says that we now also have this growth. From what I could see, the longer your boat is stationary the longer the growth of the whateveritis. We are taking it out of the water when I get back anyway to give it a good blacking as sailaways from Liverpool boats only have the one coat and it is always advisable to get it out within the first year and do it all again for piece of mind.

Talking of bringing the boat into the marina when we did, the wind was blowing a bit briskly and as soon as I got the bow through the entrance I was blown across to the other side of the basin. It took me half and hour and some advice from another boater who thought that we should tie up the front get the stern directly into wind then release the bow rope and reverse directly into wind and into out berth. Worked perfectly and I wish I'd thought of it. Still learning and I'm not perfect but as near as damn it.

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Anonymous said...

Lol - that's totally true. You can always tell the "not moved" boats in the summer... keep the boat moving, then she won't have a growth around the water-line!
Good to see she's getting there...

where's "there" then!!?