Monday, 30 June 2008

'Village of the Damned' and knots

It's like the 'Village of the Damned' around here. We attract mainly a Dutch clientèle here and as such many have Nordic type features. It's also the start of the first round of Dutch school holidays and at present there are six families on the site and there are nine or ten little girls, all with blond hair and all seemingly looking identical, running around. It's all a bit spooky. I think they've a sinister purpose of secret world domination. I'll just have to keep thinking of brick walls.

If I haven't reported back within seven days, national security needs to be informed and an air strike called in. No nuclear weapons should be used as this may prolificate the life forms. The location is E 5.12783 N 47.01444.

I am currently learning knots, hitches, splices and the like out of curiosity, boredom, just in case the world doesn't actually end and the notion that I would like to make my own fenders when I get back to Poverty Rock. I've downloaded several knotting type documents and am learning over a hundred of the things. Most are totally useless and could and would not be used for any purpose other than to blind other uninterested parties on my prowess on knot tying. Lisa would seem the most likely uninterested party for this demonstration. We've developed a method of displaying our mutual disinterest in one another's past times by the expression, “Ooooh lovely”, Meaning, 'Sod off. I couldn't give a monkeys'. Well it keeps me off the streets.

I came across Eric Johns' website when looking for knotty things and in his gallery there was a picture of him making the Turk's head around the post at the Greyhound pub at Sutton Stop over thirty years ago. Anyone who has been there cannot have failed to be impressed with this decorative piece of complicated rope work and the photo put into some sort of chronological perspective. That's about as boaty as I'm going to get this week.

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