Thursday, 24 January 2008

Lists, lists and more lists

I've got lists of lists of things that need doing before we move out of the house and onto the boat. Least of all fit out the boat. It's all seeming a little daunting at present and we are both a tiny bit edgy. I also think that I have sent my scribbled list of even more things to do off to British Waterways Leeds office as it was at the bottom of all my licensing paperwork that I was gathering together. Some employee will think 'what is this evidence of'. 'I'm sure we don't need this'. I've made another three lists since. I'm not really a list kind of person and usually happy to bumble my way through life forgetting to do things (like picking Lisa up today from school so she could go to her piano lesson. She plays as good as she sings) but at the minute I can't have enough of them.

I drove down to Hanbury Wharf today to fill the boat with Diesel and complete the itinerary of bits and pieces that we need on board. Another three hundred quid and two hundred litres (no it wasn't £1.50 per litre). I think we are going to go for it this weekend and cruise it up to the Ashby. It looks like all the work is finished on the Worcester and Birmingham Canal for this weekend but I will confirm on the phone tomorrow. We'll bring the laptop and see if we can find a wifi signal.

The generator and the paraffin stove are arriving tomorrow so that should give me something to set fire to and make lots of noise with during the day.

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