Monday, 7 January 2008

It's ours

Well the boat actually belongs to us now. All the payments have finally cleared after a last minute hiccup with the bank (don't get me started). I went down to the boatyard for the handover briefing but again there was several practical problems. The oil pressure sensor had blown and they were waiting for another to be sent. Consequently the engine bilge had some oil in it. The bar that keeps the weed hatch in place was also missing. Needless to say that I couldn't go for a cruise as we would probably have ended up on the bottom of the cut after water flooding through the hatch and a seized motor. Not good for the troops morale. We have the handover cruise now booked for the 21st January as there's now more time due to the stoppages. I also need to get the insurance sorted for licensing etc. I've had a look on t'net and Craftinsure seem ok at £160.

Barry the boat briefer briefed me up on the bits and pieces on-board and there were no surprises. In fact the whole thing was more or less as I had expected it. In fact Barry and I spent most of the time comparing our various medical ailments and medicine types and amounts. I've always thought that old people spend most of their time discussing their medical conditions and here I am doing it myself. Lisa now wants to go down next weekend and have a look at the boat. We are bringing bread knives with us as, since she wants to get involved, she can jolly well help me cut the spray foam from the top of the batons ready for the ply to be screwed into place. We'll see how enthusiastic she is after a couple of hours of that. Nothing like a bit of hard work to sort the men from the boys, the sheep from the goats and the bourgeoisie from the proletariat. Haa.

I stood where the bulkheads were to be and imagined the size of each room. My workshop for the first couple of months occupies where the workshop was planned, our bedroom and wardrobe space. This is were I intend to carry out the fabrication of the fittings then attach them into position in order to keep the boat as dust free as possible (I'm probably dreaming). It is an enormous space over twenty foot long. But I think it will decrease quite substantially when we get our stuff aboard.
I know. You've all seen piccies of sailaways before and they all look the same. But this one is different. This one belongs to ME. Aaooh (I've just had a cuff round the ear. Apparently it belongs to US. When will I ever learn).


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,

Congratulations to you both on being the proud owners of 70', your work is cut out now and I look forward to watching over the coming months with interest as the fit out takes shape from all that solid Ash! I like the openess of the engine area with no steel bulkhead as well, plenty more space to use.



Anonymous said...

Good luck to you both. As we well know boating is tremendous fun and we hope you have as much fun with Pickles as we have had with Triton. Best wishes to you both. Your friends from France.

Pete said...

Hi Don. You're probably looking forward to it more than me. It is going to be out home and for that reason we will be quite happy to work hard to make it such. Cheers.

Hi Andrew and Judith. We have been keeping tabs on you from news through the outlaws. Hope everything is all right at the moment. If you still have Triton in the summer we will see you there at St Jean de Losne if not, hopefully you will pop in to the camp site when you're on your travels. We do love our gentle jaunts up and down the Saone despite Andrew's boat handling skills. I'm still in awe of that 6 pot engine on your 49' tug.(Andrew will understand). You are always welcome to have a gentle trawl up the Ashby Canal on ours when we have it up and running and in a desirable state. Keep in touch. Pete & Lisa