Sunday, 21 April 2013

It's been a while hasn't it

Peers around door rather sheepishly........

How can I possibly have 102 readers on this blog, I haven't updated it since September. Internet stats are a load of nonsense aren't they.

Anyway if anybody ever reads this, I have just come on for a rant. We're currently moored at Hartshill on the Coventry Canal and some scrots have just pinched the rear wheels off both of our cars. Not content with doing just one they did both of them. That's about as exciting as our boating lives get these days as everything boating has become very normal. The winter was a little long and the mud seemingly never ending but the suns out at last.

Less wheels than there used to be
On the work front, Lisa is still a teacher and I'm now a locksmith and key cutter with my own little business. Don't call me though as I'm not entirely certain what I'm doing and have to bluff my way quite a bit. Still quite interesting work.

But not tomorrow as we can't go anywhere due to a 50% lack of wheels on our vehicles.

Don't know when this will be updated again as I always post with the best intentions but real life takes hold I never seem to find the time.

See ya.