Sunday, 13 February 2011

Favourite topics

I don't know why I was surprised the other day when I found that, someone who I talk to on a regular basis and lives as a constant cruiser around these parts, is a sergeant in the CID. I always assumed that we constant cruisers are on the margins of society and have little opportunity to contribute to the communities we pass through and those same communities, in many cases, don't want us to. For example, getting into the local doctor's surgery list involves lying by using an address from a land based friend in the local area, the dentist the same and similarly for local schools.  Also, some of the the vitreol poured out at us by some members of various forums and the fact that many think of us are 'merely gypsies'. Always nice to be surprised now and again.

Back on the DIY front, in line with the liveaboards favourite topics of conversation, I've fitted a fully sine wave inverter and a new toilet although Lisa still hasn't washed her smalls whilst sitting on the china bowl. The novelty of being able to wash our clothes without firing up the generator was too much for us, with the washing machine red hot all week, so much so that we ran out of water.The quasi sine wave inverter is heading towards ebay I think as there is little point in having an extra piece of kit aboard if we are not likely to use it.

Ex 3kw inverter heading to ebay
New inverter and RCD (not particularly well mounted)
New and old toilets
The guts of the operation
The plumbing (including sawdust still on the floor)
The new toilet makes a huge difference in comfort and,as we have now got two cassettes, the run to the Elsan should be a little less frequent and the toilet seating arrangements, a little more comfortable. The work was relatively straightforward but involved all the DIY elements; electricity, water, woodwork and sewage (but no painting). More exciting reports of the improvements in our lifestyles next time. I bet you can hardly wait.

It's half term after next week so I think that we are taking a trip down to Braunston or Napton to have a pint or two.