Thursday, 16 May 2013

My fridge door

I appreciate the need to blame someone for the ills of our society during an economic downturn. History is littered with examples and it's a well documented phenomena that the rise in the right acts in an inverse proportion to the economic downturn. Hence the upsurge of UKIP and the need to blame the EU for all our troubles, the current attitudes to the poor and various other examples I can't be bothered to go into.

In the boating world, his probably accounts for the upsurge in those who see others living a different lifestyle to them and feel the need to blame them for their own woos. In this case the mooring regulations and the perception that all and sundry are abusing them. Around this way, all the 48 hour moorings are empty except for visitors. I imagine it's the same in many places.

If I had written what I wrote when I started boating, it wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. But today, people are looking for someone to blame and I am being threatened with having dog poo pushed through my window by these worried soles. Anyway, I'm boring myself with this topic.

On a lighter note, the door has fallen off our fridge. One minute it was doing it's job just fine, holding the cold air in and keeping the warm air out. The next, it was on the floor, as a trip hazard surrounded by the cold air. It's fixed now and I don't think Lisa will notice. It'll probably last another ten years.

She'll never notice

Friday, 3 May 2013

Bizarre behaviour

Today started in a slightly bizarre way. I was walking the dog and upon return found a blue bag of small dog poo on the roof of the boat. I took it down and threw it into the cratch where I keep the rest of the dog poo bags (I do place them in a bin bag and take it to the skip occasionally along with the rest of the rubbish).

However, a boat with three elderly people had been moored several boatlengths forward from us had arrived the previous day and I knew that they had a problem with those of us who live aboard by their behaviour and their ignoring my cheery good morning's and hello's. This is a 48 hour mooring but if you arrive on a Wednesday on a bank holiday weekend, you could stay until Tuesday the next week without a problem. At least that's my perspective on the world. Others my differ.

One of the elderly people passed the boat with a blue dog poo bag peeping out of his pocket walking two small dogs. Oh dear. I never see blue poo bags.

I was looking forward to placing said bag on his roof this evening but he has been inconsiderate and moved on. Maybe next time. I had no evidence it was them but who needs evidence. If it was them and I was able to place the bag on their roof, they would have known, I knew it was them.

If it wasn't them....ahh well lets not go there.

Ohhh. I do have a photo of the poo bag if you really want to see it. I thought it wise not to publish though.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

It's been a while hasn't it

Peers around door rather sheepishly........

How can I possibly have 102 readers on this blog, I haven't updated it since September. Internet stats are a load of nonsense aren't they.

Anyway if anybody ever reads this, I have just come on for a rant. We're currently moored at Hartshill on the Coventry Canal and some scrots have just pinched the rear wheels off both of our cars. Not content with doing just one they did both of them. That's about as exciting as our boating lives get these days as everything boating has become very normal. The winter was a little long and the mud seemingly never ending but the suns out at last.

Less wheels than there used to be
On the work front, Lisa is still a teacher and I'm now a locksmith and key cutter with my own little business. Don't call me though as I'm not entirely certain what I'm doing and have to bluff my way quite a bit. Still quite interesting work.

But not tomorrow as we can't go anywhere due to a 50% lack of wheels on our vehicles.

Don't know when this will be updated again as I always post with the best intentions but real life takes hold I never seem to find the time.

See ya.