Sunday, 25 November 2007

I do love to be beside the seaside beside the sea

Lisa loves the sea. I'm quite ambivalent about it. This weekend we took our new camper to the seaside. I say new camper but it is an eighteen year old ex ambulance. We bought it so it could double up to carry the ash faced ply boards and all of the chandlery for fitting the boat and initially give us some extra stowage space.

The thing drinks petrol like there's no environmental crisis. For the cost of the fuel used during the weekend, we could have flown to Vienna, had two good meals, and waltzed the night away in a luxury hotel and still had change for the taxi home. As it was, we were jammed in the back of a freezing, dirty, wet vehicle looking at a freezing, dirty, wet sea. It has translucent panels in the roof and we parked right under a street light (I know, I know). We woke up at 2 am and could read without turning on the interior lamps. To put a canal spin on this, at least I'm learning how not to fit out.


bottle said...

Let me guess, Ford transit, V6. 3 litre. Maybe 2.8 if a newer one.
You will get about 12 mpg as long as you do not thrash it.

I have driven them but didn't pay for the fuel, OH!! and I was allowed to use the blue lights and two tones.

Pete said...

You got it in one Bottle. It says 2933cc on the V5. 1990 model. We'll keep it until we don't need it any more then get rid. Good riddence too.