Thursday, 29 October 2009

Rayburn, not

There is a big space where the Rayburn should be. It has been delivered but unfortunately the person that I had lined up to place it onto the front deck is too busy until next weekend. It is frustrating as we now want to get it all up and running and start cooking on coal. We would also like to find out if all the doom mongers that say it's either too heavy, too warm, too inefficient, too greedy on the coal, too old etc are correct or I am. Not a single person that has been negative has had one fitted to their boat but any stuff I've read about Rayburns on boats that was written by those that have them fitted, has been positive.

I've also heard that narrowboats are cold and damp in the winter.

BW have been round for their bi-annual check of the waterways. You can always tell as the person doing the checking was not a BW employee checking boats in the middle of nowhere where, usually, BW employees fear to tread.


Carl said...

10 days? What's keeping him for 10 days? Is everything planned exactly to fit 10 days? Does he know you have people who have been waiting for a resolution to the whole 'Rayburn' saga? Did you tell him that people are waiting?

You know what? Throw the Rayburn on the canal. That'll show him.

Pete said...

I had to change the blog on editorial (Lisa's)advice. I'm not sure that my magnet would haul out the Rayburn if I threw it in the canal. And BW may get a little upset.