Sunday, 30 August 2009

On the move (not that 70s literature programme)

We got out of the marina without hitting anyone and Lisa, being the big brave soldier that she is, hid under the duvet until I was safely out. Terri is also with us but she doesn't get out of her pjs all day so there's no help there. The journey was uneventful if blustery. We had our first sighting of Gosty Hill at Atherstone top lock and took the opportunity to buy a bag of coal for those chilly evenings. Meeting them will be a regular event over the winter months. We overnighted at The Anchor just outside Nuneaton so as I could savor my first pint of real ale for a while. The first of many methinks.

Logjam on the Ashby (if there is such a thing)

Our aim is to take it easy and make our way to the Ashby Canal by Monday ready in position for Shakerstone Festival the following weekend. This was canceled last year due to the weather so hopefully this year things go a little better. A little British beer may go down quite well after all that French wine. No matter how fine it is you cannot beat a pint of real ale (real ale seems to figure quite a lot in my life).

Derelect swing bridge. Why?
I always love this telegraph pole just outside Nuneaton. The rest have all been cut down. What happened here? Why was this one left? You can still see the remains of several others now usually used as fence posts.

Tonight we're just outside Sutton Cheney on the Ashby where we used to live. Did I say that this wasn't going to be a cruising blog? It sounds very much like it up to now.

This blogger thing is quite difficult to edit properly. In my head it has a better layout than this. Maybe it's operator error.

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