Monday, 12 January 2009

Foxton Top Lock

We ran out of water on Saturday, were still frozen in and didn't want to move so we just didn't bother. Anyway, we were out at some friends house as it was my birthday and Lisa insists on celebrating it (although I can't say that I'm overly keen myself) although she doesn't so much celebrate but insists on constantly reminding me of my excessive years. It was a wonderful evening except that Lisa couldn't drink as she was driving. Our hosts Peter and Angela keep a brilliant selection of expensive wines that I thoroughly enjoy tasting, guessing where they are from (I'm never right) and getting excessively drunk. Talking of driving (was I?), the heater is now fixed on her car and Lisa is a much happier bod and almost enthusiastic about going to work.

Since the ice has melted we have now filled up with the required fluids and have moved to Foxton Top Lock ready for the off towards Welford as this would seem like the next logical stop. I think I'll see if it warms up a little later in the week and the rain stops. It rained all day today when I was doing the Foxton flight and there's nothing worse than water dribbling down the back of your neck and you're looking up to see another nine gates looming above you. Still, when you're doing them on your own there's little standing around waiting. I should have taken a photo or two on the flight but there was just so many other things to do.

I've given in to temptation, gone over to the dark side and registered on Tony Blews UK waterways ranking site. I wasn't going to and have resisted for a week now but I'm weak and couldn't help myself. Every other UK narrowboat blogger seems to be already there.


Anonymous said...

Number 37, I see. Perhaps some photographs would move you up a place or two?

Pete said...

You're probably right but I keep forgetting my camera.

Hell, I've only been on it 24 hours. Give it time.

Anonymous said...

Strange how you didnt mention that not only did I have to drive you home after celebrating your birthday... I also had to carry all 6ft 4 of you along the towpath!!! xx