Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Foxton still

The canal has ice four inches thick, it's minus thirty two outside, the snow is six feet deep, Randolph Fiennes has just passed the boat on a sled with a pack of dogs being chased by Quinn the Eskimo and we are as snug as a couple of bugs in a rug. Our Boatman stove keeps the front half of the boat toasty and that tends to be where we live. Talking of rugs, we have decided to make a rag rug and to that end require rags. I know that my wardrobe would do the job but what would I wear? We're even off the floor as we now have a bed. Whaooo!

We crunched our way down to Market Harborough to have a look at the weekend and check out the town. Very pleasant it all was but a little too civilized for our liking. I managed to turn the boat in the basin full of Canaltime boats, with a basin covered in ice without making contact although Lisa had to resort to the pole, just a tad. Well I have to make her feel involved when there're no locks around.

We are discussing next year and wondering whether to get winter moorings or not. We thoroughly enjoy this wondering lifestyle but Lisa has no heating in her car and the journey to school is getting her down a bit. I've booked her car into the garage to get it fixed and maybe we will make a decision. Then again maybe not.

We're back at Foxton, village this time, waiting for the ice to recede, then to Debdale for fuel then up the Foxton flight and onwards to continue our journey back towards the Ashby once again in about March time. We should have enough fluids on-board to last till the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you on the canal when I passed Ashby at the weekend. I did see a narrowboat, but it wasn't you...

As a solution to Lisa's car problem, perhaps a shovel full of hot embers in the glove compartment would keep her cosy? Not sure how many times you'd be able to do it, but it's got to be worth a try...

Pete said...

How do you know it wasn't me. I might be telling porky pies here.

We could stick the hot embers in a plastic bag to protect the interior. She resorted to placing a hot water bottle on her knee this morning. By all accounts it was very good. The advice came from the owner of a chip shop in Market Harborough.

Keith Lodge said...

Keith has just finished our rag rug for the back cabin. We got all our rags from a charity shop. They rag any t-shirt they do not sell and if you ask them nicely they will sell the whole bag to you for what they would normally get paid for ragging it. Just a thought LOL, the rug will also keep you warm. The boat people of long ago used to put their rag rugs on their bed for extra warmth.

I cannot help on the car front as i am not a driver, but do undertand the situation.

Hopefully we will see you at some point during the year. Are you doing Shackerstone this year??

Pete said...

We were very impressed with yours and it was our inspiration to give it a go. We'll have to get down to the local charity shop and see what they can do for a few sheckles.

The heater is now working and Lisa is ecstatic.

Mud or no mud, we'll be there.

See ya
Pete and Lisa