Thursday 16 May 2013

My fridge door

I appreciate the need to blame someone for the ills of our society during an economic downturn. History is littered with examples and it's a well documented phenomena that the rise in the right acts in an inverse proportion to the economic downturn. Hence the upsurge of UKIP and the need to blame the EU for all our troubles, the current attitudes to the poor and various other examples I can't be bothered to go into.

In the boating world, his probably accounts for the upsurge in those who see others living a different lifestyle to them and feel the need to blame them for their own woos. In this case the mooring regulations and the perception that all and sundry are abusing them. Around this way, all the 48 hour moorings are empty except for visitors. I imagine it's the same in many places.

If I had written what I wrote when I started boating, it wouldn't have raised an eyebrow. But today, people are looking for someone to blame and I am being threatened with having dog poo pushed through my window by these worried soles. Anyway, I'm boring myself with this topic.

On a lighter note, the door has fallen off our fridge. One minute it was doing it's job just fine, holding the cold air in and keeping the warm air out. The next, it was on the floor, as a trip hazard surrounded by the cold air. It's fixed now and I don't think Lisa will notice. It'll probably last another ten years.

She'll never notice


Anonymous said...

Hi pete
Iv been following your blog for 2 ish years now,and this is the first time iv posted . 2 points.

1- please dont let the self appointed Natzy guardians of ARE waterways get you down. You have fought for the freedom of this country and deserve a bit of freedom yourself.

2 Fridge looks ok to me :-)

Keep on boating mate and all the best.

Steve & Wendy NB Serenity Dawn

Hardt Peek said...

Hi Pete,

I think that your fridge could use some repairs. How 'bout I come over one day and fix it for ya :-)? I don't know exactly where you're at because of the boat and all LOL but if you let me know I'll swing by.

With love,