Friday, 3 May 2013

Bizarre behaviour

Today started in a slightly bizarre way. I was walking the dog and upon return found a blue bag of small dog poo on the roof of the boat. I took it down and threw it into the cratch where I keep the rest of the dog poo bags (I do place them in a bin bag and take it to the skip occasionally along with the rest of the rubbish).

However, a boat with three elderly people had been moored several boatlengths forward from us had arrived the previous day and I knew that they had a problem with those of us who live aboard by their behaviour and their ignoring my cheery good morning's and hello's. This is a 48 hour mooring but if you arrive on a Wednesday on a bank holiday weekend, you could stay until Tuesday the next week without a problem. At least that's my perspective on the world. Others my differ.

One of the elderly people passed the boat with a blue dog poo bag peeping out of his pocket walking two small dogs. Oh dear. I never see blue poo bags.

I was looking forward to placing said bag on his roof this evening but he has been inconsiderate and moved on. Maybe next time. I had no evidence it was them but who needs evidence. If it was them and I was able to place the bag on their roof, they would have known, I knew it was them.

If it wasn't them....ahh well lets not go there.

Ohhh. I do have a photo of the poo bag if you really want to see it. I thought it wise not to publish though.


Anonymous said...

How on earth do you think you can stay on a 48 hour mooring from wednesday to Tuesday!, 6 days x 24 hours, seems to add up to more than 48, infact 3 times as much, you obviously can't count,so there's no point in doing the maths for you. people like you give boaters a bad name overstaying on 48 hr visitor moorings! Even more so on a bank holiday. Get a life and yes sadly you probably deserve the dog poo, pity they didn't shove it through your window.....

Pete said...

Oh dear. Another anonymous liveaboard hater. Where does this bigotry come from.

Rules are for people like you who, without them, would see no boundaries to their behaviour.

People like me don't need rules as we always behave in a reasonable manner, despite overstaying.

Personally, I have a healthy disregard for rule and regulations and live a stress free life.

Have a very pleasant day anonymous (you big brave soldier)

eeyore said...

Having just spent some time as a volunteer perusing the responses to the recent SE Visitor Mooring Consultation I came to the conclusion that the people who follow the rules are those who were not a problem! The visitor moorings are needed by those on a cruise who need to plan their trip/cruise/holiday with some assurance that at the end of a cruising day there will be somewhere to moor near facilities/pub/restaurant/attractions. With boaters like you, whether live-aboard or not it justifiable for Canal and River Trust Trustees to put a lot of money into enforcement of the rules. Unfortunately, we will all suffer from their heavy hand. You don't deserve to be granted a licence if you flagrantly flount its conditions. It is obvious to me that you "do not see any boundaries to your behaviour" or notice the holiday makers, whether liveaboard, owners or hirers who have to go past to another mooring site because of your selfishness.


Pete said...

Hi eeyore
You seem to have jumped to the assumption that I overstayed on a visitor mooring. You need to reexamine at the wording I used in the original post.

This blog is meant to be a tongue in cheek, amusing look at the canals littered with untruths and exaggerations.

It certainly has been up to now.

Carl said...

Well, I don't know. Call yourself a blogger? You're no more a blogger than I'm a reader of said blogs (I'm really not). Good that you are back - especially as it means I haven't got lots to catch up on but shame about your wheels and bags of poo (and your new-but-oh-so-dull followers). The new job must be fun - perhaps next time you should let yourself in and leave the blue bag in the fridge.