Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sewage,clocks and water tanks

I tried to be a good citizen the other day and attempted to report a sewage slick that was entering the canal. It looked like a leaking septic tank or broken pipe, smelt dreadful and looked like an oil slick leading into the canal. I got in touch with BW, the local council and Severn Trent Water but none of them were interested and all told me to contact the other. Well that's the last time I'll even bother with good citizenry. I shall continue to be as egotistical, self serving and looking after number one as I usually am. I'll leave the community spirit to Maffi.

How come when the clocks go forward all the weekenders make for the canals. It's like Piccadilly Circus 'round 'ere (not south of the river this time of night gov'nor). Where do they all go during the winter. Oh yes, I know this one. Ian from Gosty Hill was saying that was the reason he doesn't bother doing any more runs after his next one...too many part timers on the waterways. Judging by the various exploits I've seen so far. I couldn't agree more (or am I being a little elitist here. Of course I am). I haven't seen so many immaculate looking boats in a long time.

Reading nbStarcross's blog the other day reminded me that I will have to repaint the water tank this year. It's only been three years since it was first done but I think it would be best to take the lid off and get in there with the bitumin. Not looking forward to that job as I didn't enjoy it the first time 'round. I may think about it for a time. I've also promised myself that I want to paint the exterior this year including the sign writing. The sun must be out to be thinking of painting.
It's a sink, in'it

We've actually got a sink in the bathroom now. Indeed, all mod cons here. IKEAs finest.


Halfie said...

You could have tried the Environment Agency. They might have been more bothered. One blogger (can't remember who) reported a slurry runoff from a field to the EA and it got dealt with the next day.

Pete said...

I read exactly the same blog and also couldn't remember which one. Good idea though. I'll get on to it.

Sue said...

Yes, that was me. I have always found the Environment Agency very willing to deal with spills into canals and rivers.

There is a special link on their website to do that. The action they took was really good..

Look here..

Pete said...

Cheers Sue