Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pump it up

The water pump was running when we woke up this morning. I feared the worst and thought that the impeller would have worn out. On inspection, I realised that it is a diaphragm pump and they can run dry without a problem. We've been running low on water lately and were down to the bottom of the water tank but I couldn't see any water in the filter meaning that there was a blockage somewhere. I think that a piece of ice formed into the pipe nearest the tank and stopped the flow.

A very wet hour later, pump out, pipework disconnected, stick wirey things up and down the pipework, blow through and the problem was sorted. I had already rang around the local chandlers and there was not spare parts to be had anywhere so it was fortunate that the pump was good. I was the one who built the system and it was built with ease of maintenance in mind.

I have been reading blogs this week and someone had changed their starter battery and it took four hours due to bad planning by the builders. Also someone else is living in a hotel as the radiators give out insufficient heat for the size of their boat (and the loo tank is full and can't be emptied). Boat builders have a lot to answer for don't they. I'm always boring people by saying that low tech always works but high tech may not.

We've had enough of being iced in now. The novelty has well and truly worn off. A little sun would be lovely please. Thank you.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Its called "Floating Cottage" syndrome. You walk in the front doors and go Arr, its all beautifully. It’s not till things start going wrong you learn the truth

Pete said...

Only problem with that theory is that when I first walked in the front door, there was only spray foamed walls and an open engine at the back, everything else I've done myself.

Lisa said...

Dear Pete,
Has Lisa forgiven you yet about shutting her out in the cold? I laughed myself silly about that as on the very same evening I was angered that my dearest had turned off the outside light when I was out, I think if he had then locked me out I have have chopped his head off.
It humbled me.
But can you tell me the blog of the poor people who are in the hotel with the loo tank blocked? I was reading it before but can't remember the name again. How is the new kitchen doing? It looked great.
Thank you,

Pete said... is the blog and yes she has forgiven me (I think) but she hasn't forgotten.

It could be brought up again anytime in the next fifteen years.

The kitchen looks ok and works well but look a little deeper...