Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pillings Lock and France

I actually got round the ninety degree turn in Loughborough in one go this time. Unlike last year when I got caught out by the wind and needed to be, embarrassingly, hauled off by a passing boater. Also the Soar is a totally different beast when not in flood as it was last time.

Well we actually arrived at Pillings Lock Marina before the office closed on Tuesday so I took advantage and bought an electricity ticket and hooked up the umbilical cord. What a revelation. There is little of interest to us in marinas in general but mains electricity is brilliant. Lisa loves the marina and says that it is run very professionally.

Unfortunately the inevitable happened and I got shouted at for placing my rubbish in the wrong bin. Oh well, you live and learn. Everything is very convenient but we will hardly use any of the facilities on offer. We always feel as if we have to keep the noise down and talk in whispers. We don't like to open the hatches but on the towpath they're always open, even in the middle of winter.

We are off to France tomorrow evening and Lisa will return next week to complete the school term while I lie around in the sun (well that's what Lisa says). I haven't even thought of packing the car up. Tomorrow evening maybe.

I always say that I will attempt to keep this blog up over the summer but it rarely happens. Maybe this year. When we get back in September we are planning to spend a bit of time around the Soar and Trent and attend Nottingham Beer Festival. Well that's something to look forward to isn't it.

See ya.


Anonymous said...

Please blog when you can - we miss your wit when you don't!

There are marinas and marinas - at some we've felt very welcome and withint five minutes of arriving there's an impromptu part going on at the back deck; in others, well, it's as you say....

Sue, Indigo Dream

Pete said...

We regard a party on someone's back deck as a bit of a nightmare as we like to keep our heads down but Lisa hasn'd seen any parties yet (or so she says).

She's enjoying it so far but admitted to me that she had poured the ash from the fire into the marina as we do on the cut.

I mentioned that they may take a dim view of this. We just can't get used to the rules. Just don't tell anyone.

Lisa said...

Oh come on we've all waited long enough! When are you home again please?

Lisa said...
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Pete said...

I'm back now so don't be so impatient. Pickles 2 escapes tomorrow. Stand by.