Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Water at last

We reached Sutton Cheney yesterday afternoon after another boat made their way passed us and we decided to follow them to Sutton Cheney. On arrival we filled with water and had a chat with Allison on Gosty Hill who said that Iain was out with another boater to deliver diesel and coal to other boaters along the Ashby in the other boaters van. The ice was surprisingly much thinner than the day before.

I'm not sure who you would trust come the apocalypse, but fellow boaters are a fair bet.  I would say that this is the best of humanity, that boaters are reacting to the potential distress of others they do not even know and that this help was the action of compassion by those larger than life characters who care about their fellow human beings. Well done Ralph on nbAnnabelle who was driving his van to deliver the fuel.

Life always feels better with and empty toilet and a full water and fuel tank and no rubbish aboard.


Anonymous said...

We were that boat! Iced in BR56/57 near Snarestone, with no chance of going anywhere for a while. We are extremely grateful to Iain and to Ralph - the man with the van, who delivered diesel by cans to us, and not only brought a container of water to us, but Ralph ferried us to the Globe to fill more water containers. So very kind, they really saved our bacon. Spoke to Graham on Matilda Rose last night & he said you were up this way and to check out your blog. Happy New year. Dave & Sue Hunter n/b Beefur.

Pete said...

Hi Dave and Sue
Glad it all ended up ok. Ralph and Iain really really are a couple of stars and bring a whole new meaning to customer service. I'll keep an eye out for you and give a grumpy wave when I pass. Maybe up that way over the next week or so.

grey wolf said...

glad it worked out for you and others in the end Happy New Year to you