Monday, 28 December 2009


We've been stuck here in the ice for two weeks and going into the third. Gosty Hill (the local coal boat) just couldn't make it any further and winded at Sutton Cheney Wharf before they reached us and everyone else further on down the Ashby. We feel abandoned by humanity and have been left to our own devices by society. Diesel is ok but toilet and water have to be transported by car. The five day weather forecast is not looking like we will be moving very far for the next week. The two week weather forecast is hardly any better. We'll see.

It's not such a bad thing as there is a bit of the old Dunkirk spirit around here with boaters passing info down the line, getting coal for those without vehicles of their own and shopping for the same.

The outlaws and Terri were here for Christmas dinner and very successful it was too. All cooked on the Rayburn with not so much as a cross word. I say that but, later in the evening, after much drink having been consumed, the central heating reservoir overflowed and I shouted at Lisa not to over-react as I was over-reacting to her anticipated over-reaction. She was being uncharacteristically calm and caught me unawares. Anyway, I was in the wrong again.

There has been a spate of liveaboards having their cars broken into around these parts, tyres let down and even in several occasions, cars set on fire. It seems that liveaboards are being picked on at the moment. Probably just kids and us feeling a little victimised but slightly worrying all the same. Even more so since none of us can go anywhere at present.

We met another set of narrowboat boggers in the Red Cow in Market Bosworth this afternoon. They were Graham and Jill from nbArmadillo who, on hearing our tales of woe discussed with another couple who walk the towpaths, introduced themselves as fellow abandonees moored at the Market Bosworth moorings. At least they've got a water point available to them but no car. Proper Constant Cruisers I believe. i have added them to my boatroll.


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Hi Pete and Lisa, good to meet you yesterday. Thanks gor the info. re. Gosty Hill, phoned Ian last night and he's bringing the supertherm up to us today. Let's hope for an early thaw!

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Pete and Lisa. May I wish you both a Happy New Year.
It is no better on the Leicester Section of the GU. We are frozen in at Market Harborough, with no prospect of winding as the basin is frozen. Lucikly some of our customers have been coming to us by car to collect their coal. As you say the weather forecast does not look to great, so we may not be moving far.
Stay safe and warm. May see you at some point in 2010. Jo x

Pete said...

Hi Graham & Jill
I tried to leave a comment on your blog but it's just too difficult the the friends thing enabled. Try your settings. It will also sort out your problems replying to comments. Se ya later.

Hi Jo and Keith
We were frozen in on the Market Harborough arm last year so we know what it's like. Good luck and see you next year.