Thursday, 14 June 2012

Boat in Pillings. Me in France

We have now moved to our summer moorings at Pilling's lock Marina (well we had better have had since I have now been in France for the last three weeks). We have spent the last couple of weeks before I left making our way from Coventry to the River Soar.

The whole journey to Pillings had been trouble free with a brief stop over at Shardlow for the flooded Trent and Soar to underflood. Several beers were sampled on the journey but nothing of note really happened. No visitors, no upsets, no bad boating decisions, no near misses, no fall outs, nothing.

As of the morning of Sunday 20th June we entered the marina and hooking up to our umbilical cord in the form of the electricity cable. This is usually a revelation and we ended up spending the day marveling at all things electric, leaving taps running, using the washing machine and dryer until they're red hot, hair dryers and straighteners being used in the morning (but not by me I hasten to add) and all other indulgences electric.

 I left for France on the  Thursday and Lisa joined me the following week for her half term break. She was hoping that all the work setting up the campsite would be completed by then so no pressure then.

Since I have moved to France for three months, I wouldn't want you to miss me. So to that end I have decided, with a little persuasion from the editor, to start and write up a blog of our time in France and of running our small campsite that we run yearly. I know that you'll miss me if I leave you without. To that end, the campsite blog will start as of next week where this one leaves off, then in September this one will once again start where the campsite blog will leave off. Anyway, the address of the campsite blog is:

I intend it to be for a different audience so the writing style will differ slightly but the stories, the people and the narrative will be much more bizarre. If you thought that the canal world was full of incomprehensible incidents you should own a small campsite in France.

I also promise to update the blog every couple of days and not months as this blog seems to have been updated.

So that's Be there or be square.

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