Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A change in direction, possibly.

I feel like I need a new direction in life and to that end, I am researching a new career. Bow making fascinated me for years but lately I have not been as interested nor as active on that front and no one wants to pay for workmanship (well not mine anyway). I think that I need something to keep my brain active and not just my hands. This sounds extremely boring, but I fancy something steady and safe, interesting, challenging and stimulating. I'm seriously looking at accountancy but initially, bookkeeping (I know, I know). Lisa planted the seed in my head some time ago (she has a habit of doing that) and left me to make my 'own' decision.

I have had a interesting and varied working life (Lisa would say a non-working life), paratrooper, parachute instructor, motorcycle instructor, university student, lecturer, longbow maker, campsite manager and owner amongst others (and some rather dodgy jobs that are probably best forgotten, or at least ignored). Accountancy is something I can do from the boat (that's the boat reference for this post). To this end I have started a course in bookkeeping and very interesting it all is. I should finish all three levels this year then start the accountants bit for another year or so.

We'll see how it all pans out. Just send me all your receipts to practice on.

You can trust me. I'm an accountant!


Halfie said...

I wish you all the best with your new venture, Pete (if you do it). Book keeping and accountancy are subjects I know next to nothing about. I didn't know you could do them remotely. And, presumably, you'll still be able to make bows and look after Dutch campers (yes, I know it's in France).

Pete said...

I've been doing quite a bit of reading up and it's quite easy to do it by distance learning but it's not advertised due to it bypassing the the training providers (and they won't get their cut). Got the study materials directly from the publisher and only need the training providers for the exams.

I'm half way through the first of three levels already. And, as you say, I can still make the bows.

Chris and Debbie, said...

Hi There,

Are you still keeping the camp site?

Pete said...

Oh yes. We need to have a varied life otherwise things would just get boring.


Graham & Jill said...

Somehow I find the thought of you as an accountant vaguely disturbing. Best of luck anyway. We won't be up the Ashby this winter, staying on the Shroppie for a change.

Pete said...

And you should be disturbed. I most certainly am.