Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ex-working boat Renwick

To back my previous discussion point, I've just seem nbRenwick entering Hillmorton Top lock, hit the gate when entering and bang into the bottom lock. And before any ex-working boat owners tell me that that's the way the old working boaters used to do it I would like to say, 'Rubbish'. Some of you just can't handle a full sized boat.

Braunston today and tomorrow. Bit busy around these parts.


Sarah said...

True, but sometimes things just don't go right even for those of us who can do it most of the time, and that's always when some clever arse is watching. Bear in mind also that when you're going down with a big boat you can't have your front fender down, so what wouldn't notice with a fender sounds a lot worse without one.

As for getting round Suttons in one, apparently it's easier still with a butty.

Pete said...

Granted about things not always going right but still no excuse for hitting the upper lock gate but then again, I am that clever arse.

I'd forgotten that they couldn't use the front fender.

I'm sure present company could get round Sutton Stop in one with or without a butty (or am I being patronizing).