Thursday, 28 August 2008

Hadar arrives

Fellow bloggers nb Hadar passed at 4.30 this afternoon on their way to the Shakerstone Family Festival. At least Jo and Keith will be able to find a space by the festival field this time and not like the IWA where they were placed some way from all the action. It's a little more relaxed here on the Ashby and probably a little shallower as well.

There are only about six or seven boats moored at the festival grounds as of Thursday evening. We'll probably make our way up tomorrow as this weekend will see a lot more traffic arriving. We've got to get ourselves a spot near a bridge where we can park our cars after all. Scum bridge hoppers.


Keith Lodge said...

Hi Pete. I see you have arrive. I popped up this morning to say hello, but you were out dang never mind. I am sure we will catch up at some point hahahaha. Hope all is well with you. Jo

MortimerBones said...

HUrrah! Say hello to K&J when you see them, they are lovely.